Monday, December 9, 2013

Robert Sabuda: Young Naturalist's Handbook (Beetles & Butterflies)

Robert Sabuda is one of the foremost pop-up creators of the present day. His work is featured regularly in special collections and museum displays of pop-up book artistry.

Here are two new, gift quality, out-of-print pop-up titles with paper insects in paper frames, still in the publisher's plastic case. These are the first two pop-up books in the "Young Naturalist's" series. Six pop-ups in each book, with a paper insect in a paper frame for each book inside the publisher's plastic case.

#1: Beetles: ISBN 0786805579
#2: Butterflies: ISBN 0786805587
Published by Hyperion in 2001.
Each 14 p.; 11.7 inches.
Individual titles: $95.00.
Set of Two: $175.00
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